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Jun 9th, 2012
2:58 AM

Public Highschool Sex.

There was this girl that liked me in H.S. She was a freshmen14 , and I was a Jr 17. My GF at the time went to canada for school, kinda a big fuck you to me.

we tried dating but she was far too dumb. I finally summed up the courage to ask her if she just wanted to be fuck buddies, she did.

First blowjob she ever gave me was next to a hospital in an alleyway not too far from our school. She wasn't allowed to go in my neighborhood and her mom was protective so we just had sex outside. I came on her face about five seconds after shesaid "Are you gonna cum on my face?" I did. she was black, but kinda hipster black so she had piercings. it was all over her face. I didn't usually like black girls but this was hot.

Another time I was hanging out with my friend that she kinda liked. Me and her had decided we were going to do a "Slave/master" thing. I told her I'd be lending her out. she was reluctant at first, but not too hesitant if the guy was cute, plus they'd only get her mouth. We were going towards the subway station one day, the three of us. I had told him the stuff I did to her, and asked him to stand guard as I got a bj from her in a alleyway. She sucked on my balls pretty hard which kinda hurt but jerking off on her face, I eventually got a nut of. I came in her mouth like in the pornos and she did NOT like the taste, but tried to swallow some anyway.

Becaue I was done with her, I let my friend have his turn. about five minutes later, he was done. someone had walked by, but hadn't given us a second glance, so didn't care.

Finally at the end of the school year, she was being transfered because of her bad grades. we went to a magnet school. I felt kinda mehabout it. the girl did complain about her mom way too much but she was an easy fuck so I liked her around. our last time we were in a parking lot next to a train station. she usually got off two steps before me, but we had gotten off at my stop this time. It was light out, but I was horny so didn't care. we snuck between two cars and figured the chance of getting caught was slim, so I bent her over on the hood of someone's car facing the wall and started to fuck her without a condom.She said someone was watching us, and when I looked over I could see what I thought was someone in a black jeep, but I ignored them and kept banging her, telling her nobody was there. I kept her head down so she couldn't see. after 10 minutes of slapping her ass and pounding her, she started to shriek. I told her to be quiet because we had been awhile and the guy was still in his car. finally I came, but I waited too long to pull out and shot a bit inside of her, the rest of it was all over her ass. Her legs were shaking pretty hard and wobbling. she said she couldn't walk but I told her we had to leave. I used her outter shirt to clean her off and we huddled away.

I had bought plan B the next day because I was scared as fuck. I couldn't find her, but finally when I did, after panicing, she told me she had her period. I was relieved, so returned it and moved on.

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